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Alicia Holman





I'm Alicia...your photographer and the owner of Alicia Holman Photography. The business started back in 2006 with children and family portraits. While this has been the backbone of my business model, the past 2 years, I have branched into sports and action photography. So I am please to be able to expand my offerings and help more people preserve special moments...that is, after all, why I became a photographer. 

People often ask why I always have a camera in my hand or why I take pictures of everything. Simply put, because time waits for no one. Like a flowing river, once the moment has passed, it is gone forever and will never be the same moment again. Since time travel hasn't been proven and the Ministry of Magic places restrictions in the Muggle world, the next best way to preserve time is through the lens of a photographer. Whether it is your son's championship game or your granddaughter's 1st birthday, I strive to help you preserve just a moment of that time for generations to come. 

I love meeting new people and working with new clients, but I understand that my style isn't for everyone. So let me tell you what you can expect in a session with me...

Natural...I won't force you to fake a smile. I am not going to contort you into uncomfortable poses. I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer. That means I want you to be relaxed and comfortable being yourself. Each session comes with collaboration with me to ensure we capture the creative essence of what you want in your photos. Most clients have told me that my sessions are stress-free, fun and relaxed. I take pride in that. 

So, that is a little about me. I am here to help preserve your special moments and capture the ones in between. Don't let a moment pass you by...

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